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The Langton/Lenton Surname Project


LANGTON LENTON LINTON LAUGHTON LANDON LONGHORN LANGHORNE LONGTON LONGTHORN LANGTHORNE LANTON LANGDON Langston Langstone Langon Langone Langin etc. You are all welcome. Many of these names have corrupted from the anglo saxon for long hill Lange-Don. So if your surname has the sequence L-N-N that is your most likely origin. We may be able to identify your hill in England. The L-N-N name has developed to many forms and we are particularly interested in achieving matches across similar surnames.In some cases there has been a drift from Lan to Lam so if you are called Lambden,Lambdon, Lamb, Lambert, Lampson or Lamson it may also be worth joining to explore this possibility. Also if you are a rare LANKTON LANGHORN LONGHORN LONGTHORNE LANGONE LANTON LANGDON LANCTON LANCKTON LUNNON LANGON LANGIN LANGO LINGO ANGONE ANGON even GORE-LANGTON or GORE etc don't feel left out FTDNA has a place for you. This project aims to give you extra, jump that Atlantic Ocean and try and match you up with a village in England, Scotland or perhaps Kilkenny or Laois in Ireland. Come on all you wider Langton family let's get our act together. Ladies please get your Dad, brother or cousin to provide a cheek swab sample (no blood required) or why not make it a present for Father's Day or Christmas. Mepham and Islip come here as well. Sorry I missed out Leighton, Linden, Linton, Linkton, Lumsden, Locking, Lavington, Lewington Laughton, Ludington and Lunt. please join in the matching name game. Oh yes Lane, Land Langley, Longley Long and Loving



Other surnames in Project

Angon, Angone, Faversham, Glanton, Gore-Langton, Islip, Lambden, Lambton, Lampson, Lanckton, Lancton, Land, Landen, Landon, LANE, Langden, Langdon, Langhorn, Langhorne, Langin, Langley, Lango, Langon, Langone, Langston, Langstone, Langthone, Langthorn, Langtin, Langton, Langtton, Lankton, Lansdon, Lanton, Laughton, Lavington, Lawton, Lenton, Levington, Lewington, Lindon, Lingo, Linkton, Linton, Long, Longhorn, Longhorne, Longley, Longthorn, Longthorne, Loving, Lunnon, Mepham

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