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The LanninDNAProject Surname Project


The Lannin family still has members in Ireland. Lannins left during the Great Famine for the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and, probably, elsewhere. Family Tree DNA projected that unlike most Irish, the administrator is a member of the G Haplogroup, whose members origininally are thought to have migrated from southwest Asia into Europe. Various theories have been put forth as to how the Lannin ancestors reached Ireland. Some suggest Venetian traders. Most recently we have learned of the Landon (formerly D'Landon) Hugeunot family. Landons left France and settled in both England and Ireland. Could this be the pathway taken by the Lannin's to Ireland? The Lannin DNA Project has been established to help find the answer to the question of Lannin origins. Lannins, have been farmers, glovers, cobblers, teamsters, soldiers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, real estate brokers, insurance agents, bankers, laundresses, politicians, hobos, and who knows what else. With the mapping of the human genome, we know have the opportunity to gain the family knolwledge we thought was lost. The surnames we are researching have either occured in Lannin family trees or historical documents, or are phonetic matches to Lannin. If over time other variants surface through genetic testing, we will add them to the list.



Other surnames in Project

Landen, Landin, Landon, Lannan, Lannen, Lannin, Lanning, Lannon, Lauden

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