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The Latsha/Landback Surname Project


I have started a DNA study for the Latsha's, Latshaw's, Latcha's, Latchaw's and Latscha's. I have found several separate groups for each and I can not join them together. There are those who think John (1752-1810) and Henry (1754-1823) are sons of Abraham (1729-1791), but from records at the Northumberland County courthouse, I have proven that this is impossible. I am hoping to prove that we are all truly related - with the DNA study - even if I can't prove it any other way. Anyone wishing to join the study, can contact me at My brother, Robert B Latsha was the first one to be tested. He is doing this for me as a Christmas present!!! To date 4 Latsha's have been tested and I am sorry to report that the only exact match is from descendants of John & Henry - there was a 3 marker difference from them and the descendants of Abraham. <br>I am also including my maternal side - the Landback's in the same test - since there are so few of them.



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