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The Lay-Ley-Loy-Leh-Leig Surname Project


DNA project page for Lay, Ley, Loy, Leh, Leigh, DeLay. The Lay name is associated with American, Austrailian, Canadian, English, French, German, Irish, New Zealand, Scottish, and Swiss ancestry. Depending on the lineage, several ancestors and descendents have used alternative spellings. Major goals of this project are to identify if a relationship between these different regional Lay lines exists, identify the particular European heritage, help Lay researchers who have not been able to identify their place in the earliest Lay lines, and prove/disprove family traditions that cannot be sourced through traditional primary documentation. For further information please contact the Lay Project Administrator, Cynthia Wells at



Other surnames in Project

DeLay, however, Lay, Laye, Leay, Leh, Leigh, Ley, Loy

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