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The Lehmann Surname Project


As of 01 Jun 2010 we have done a total of 117 Y-DNA tests. Lehman participants, by numerous spellings which are not necessarily consistent in a given family line, have long-since began to fall into specific families. It is all published, along with immigrant ancestors and lines of descent, on the above designated page. In other words, if your name is Lehman by any of a plethora of spellings, by doing a Y-Chromosome test in this project, the immigrant ancestor and perhaps connecting generations may be determined without any conventional research having been done. You are invited to check out our web site at and see for yourself.



Other surnames in Project

Lahman, Laman, LaMance, Lamen, Lamene, Lamine, Lamman, Lammon, Lamoin, Lamoine, Lamon, Lamond, Lamone, Lauman, Laumann, Lawman, Layman, Laymance, Laymon, Leaman, Leeman, Lehaman, Lehmann, Leman, Lemann, Lemen, Lemmon, Lemmond, Lemon, Lemond, Lemons, Leyman, Lhaman, Lohman

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