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The Lemyng+derivatives Surname Project


Leeming, Leaming, Leming, Liming, Leman, Lemon, Lyminge and many more. Lemyng is the ancient root for many surnames. Tracing surname origins using known groups of ancestors to see where these groups originated. Linking with some ancient family trees from the 1200s to 1600s. Confirming surname origins that contain many derivatives. Proving some derivatives are linked. Understanding geographical uses of these surnames throughout history. Thru positive links giving direction for further research. Open to anyone. Archive Data Base available on all research collected by over 100 researchers around the world. DNA project one of many projects that you can join in on. Lemyng Archives and Lemyng Library sent out on disk once a year for all members, containing member information and all collected historical data on these surnames.



Other surnames in Project

Laming, Leaman, Leaming, Leeman, Leeming, Lehman, Leman, Leming, Lemming, Lemon, Lemons, Lemyng, Lemynge, Lenning, Leymeng, Liming, Lyming, Lyminge

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