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The LiddesdaleDNA/mtDNA Surname Project


Our Liddesdale Study offers lower-cost tests to non-USA residents who have a difficulty with the prices for the full 37-Y test for males and the mtDNAPlus test for females previously set out as the only accepted tests within the United States for the earlier-established Team Liddell et al Study.All surnames included in this Study are thought to be derived from the ancient Scot borderland of Liddesdale. See the surname list below.The lower-cost tests available here in the Liddesdale still provide the Team and the Liddesdale Study participants with accurate insight into how these participants are related in a general way to others who have taken the more expensive tests and allows everyone to observe migration paths across the globe.These tests also provide a good idea for the participant about Most-Remote Ancestry--back into the New Stone Age period in some cases depending on the ethnic group the participant may belong to. --So some very good products ARE obtained from taking these less capable tests. But please don't expect these lesser tests to provide the precision of kinship that the 37-marker and mtDNAPLus ones do. Added June 2005: An international kinship has already been found by the Liddesdale Study.Depend on this assurance. If you later want to pay the group-rate difference between the 12-marker and/or its female equvalent and the top-level tests for either gender, you can do so and thereby obtain the full 37-marker or mtDNAPlus results in two purchases rather than one and spread your testing costs out according to your budget.If you have questions about our two Studies or any facet of genealogy genetics, please visit our website at:, or write: James Wallace Liddell at Team also supports the Leyton-Leighton Cluster Study and a new Perry Study during their formulative stages.)



Other surnames in Project

Lay, Layborn, Laybourn, Layburn, Layburne, Laydel, Laydell, Layton, Lea, Leah, Leddel, Leddell, Leddle, Ledel, Ledwell, Lee, Leedahl, Lees, Leese, Legg, Legge, Leidel, Leidl, Leidle, Leigh, Letton, Ley, Leybourn, Leybourne, Leydel, Leyden, Leyland, Leyton, Lidaill, Lidal, Lidale, Lidall, Liddaile, Liddaill, Liddal, Liddale, Liddel, Liddele, Liddell, LIdden, Lidderdale, Liddesdale, Liddiard, Liddil, Liddle, Liddll, Liddol, Lide, Lideall, Lidel, Lidele, Lidell, Liden, Lidiard, Lidie, Lidle, Liedel, Liedle, Lindel, Lindell, Littel, Little, Loydall, Loydell, Luddall, Luddell, Luddil, Lydal, Lydall, Lyddal, Lyddale, Lyddall, Lyddel, Lyddell, Lyddie, Lydel, Lydell, Lydle, Lyeddelle, Lyeddle, Lyedell, Lyedelle, Lytel, Lytell, Lyttel, Lyttle, Riddell, Riddle, Riedel, Riedl, Similiar Surnames

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