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The List Surname Project


When this project first started in March of 2004 I was almost certain that the name LIST belonged to one family group, at the most two; German and English. Now, a year or so later and as a result of several DNA tests completed, we now know that there are many separate LIST family groups, particularly of German origin, who, at least within the last 500 years, do not share a common ancestor.The aim of the continuing DNA Project is to determine which of the family groups (Trees as they are called on the web site) are closely related.This study is intended to answer this question and many more, thus pointing us in new and unexplored directions in search of common ancestors.The LIST Family Web Site (above) will show several family groups, some of which may be connected in the recent past or in ancient history. If you have a thirst for knowledge and an interest to determine these things then please join our project. It is open to any male bearing the name LIST or one of it's many variations.



Other surnames in Project

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