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The Liston Surname Project


The surname LISTON has existed in the British Isles for almost two millennia and has spread throughout the world. Immigration to North America from the earliest British settlement in the seventeenth century until recent times has resulted in its spread in Canada and the United States. Further colonization in Australia and New Zealand has taken the name to those parts. The surname is common in Scotland and Ireland, particularly in County Limerick of the latter country. This project has been established to provide a place to study the y-DNA of men with the LISTON surname in order to help family historians and genealogists augment traditional research methods, break through brick walls, find biological relationships in the case of adoptions, and establish a number of identifiable lineages to help with all these purposes. All men with the surname LISTON or an obvious variant, or with a strong suspicion of a direct paternal LISTON ancestor, are welcome to join for Y-DNA testing. It is strongly advised that a minimum of 37 markers be ordered. If it is possible to order 67 markers, that would be better. To order 111 markers would be ideal. It is always possible to order tests in stages, however, so do place any order you can afford to get started. You can upgrade later without further cheek swabbing.



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