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The Loomis Surname Project

Description: is the website for the Loomis Families of America, established in 1982 to carry on the work of maintaining the Loomis family history as The Loomis Family in America, which was published in 1908 by Dr. Elisha Scott Loomis.We are now embarking on the exciting project of DNA sampling to determine heritage. For this to be successful, when you apply for a test, we highly suggest you purchase the 37 marker test. This test will give us the data needed to determine the seperate lines of Joseph Loomis, represented by his five sons, Joseph, John, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Samuel.Besides the lineage of Joseph, we hope to prove or disprove a family conection between families whose surnames have long been thought to come from a long ago common family or ancestor in Great Britain.The 12 marker test will not give enough detail to do this. The 25 marker test is better. But if your budget will only allow for the 12 marker test, by all means, please order the test, it still has value.



Other surnames in Project

Lomas, Lomax, Loom, Loomis, Looms, Lummis, Lummus

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