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The Lykins Surname Project


The Lykins, Likens, Likins etc. Y-DNA project encourages your participation. We hope to learn more about the origins of this name by getting members from all over the world. We suspect the name will have diverse origins in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Together let's explore how many distinct lineages there really are for this name!



Other surnames in Project

Lacken, Lackens, Laecken, Laeckens, Laican, Laicans, Laicenas, Laicens, Laicon, Laiconas, Laicons, Laijkan, Laijkans, Laikan, Laikans, Laisonas, Laken, Lakens, Lakian, Lakians, Lakin, Lakins, Laycon, Laycons, Leikan, Leikans, Leycon, Liacan, Liacans, Lieken, Liekens, Liken, LIKENS, Likin, Likings, LIKINS, Loykan, Loykans, Lycan, Lycans, Lyckan, Lyckans, Lycon, Lycons, Lygon, Lygons, Lykan, Lykans, Lykell, Lykells, Lyken, LYKENS, Lykin, LYKINS

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