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The Mackin/McMakin/ Surname Project


The surname project of Mackin-McMakin-McMechen, are associated the first wave of Scotch-Irish emigrants that came in to America in the earlys 1700's, We invite our Celtic brothers and sisters in the British Isles to test with us. This Surname Project is for any man or woman whos ancestry comes through a adaptation of the surname Mackin-McMakin-McMechen or any of the sept surnames below. Please look through the list below and see if you find a variation of your surname. You need not be a member of family Mackin/McMackin to participate, although you may wish to make such an association in order to meet many more of your probable kin. Women who are children of a male Mackin/McMakin can ask a male relative to participate and be tested. contact marv@mackin to assist in paying for the test.



Other surnames in Project

however, Mackin, McKikine, McMacham, McMachan, McMachen, McMachon, McMacken, McMackin, McMackins, McMackon, McMaghen, McMaghon, McMaghone, McMahan, McMahon, McMakan, McMaken, McMakin, McMakine, McMakyn, McMeachen, McMecan, McMecans, McMechan, McMechane, McMechen, McMechum, McMeckan, McMeckin, McMeecham, McMeechan, McMeechen, McMeekan, McMeeken, McMeekin, McMeeking, McMehan, McMehen, McMeian, McMeichan, McMeickan, McMeikan, McMeikeine, McMeikin, McMeikine, McMeken, McMekin, McMican, McMichan, McMichen, McMichens, McMichin, McMickan, McMickem, McMicken, McMickens, McMickin, McMicking, McMickings, McMickins, McMikan, McMiken, McMikin, McMikines, McMiking, McMychen, McMychin, Meekins

Join the Mackin/McMakin/ surname project

If you want to join the Mackin/McMakin/ project please order your DNA test here.

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