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The MacKinnon/McKinnon Surname Project


MacKinnons are believed, by tradition, to descend from Fingon whose ancestor, King Alpin was the King of Scots in the ninth century A.D. Fingon's brother, Guaire was the progenitor of Clan MacQuarrie and Clan Gregor, Grant, MacNab, MacAuley, and MacFie also are descended from King Alpin; together making up the Siol Alpin. MacKinnon's have scattered from their heriditary territories of western Scotland; Mull and Skye and the western Isles; to all corners of the world. We will promote DNA testing among MacKinnons. An increase DNA results for MacKinnons will help genetically reunite distant and lost cousins; developing DNA signatures associated with MacKinnons families around the world. As these signatures are revealed; as we are seeing now the beginning of MacKinnon's of Barra; we hope to build a genetic tree which will help MacKinnons find their place in that tree as well as determine if science supports the traditonal ancient genealogy of Clan MacKinnon. Y-DNA 37 or 67 MARKER TESTS ARE RECOMMENDED. 12 marker tests do not give enough information for effective matching.



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MacKinnon, McKinnon

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