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The MacLeodSepts Surname Project


This Group Name is sponsored by the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies [ACMS]. An initial Genetics Study with two aims, one seeking MacLeod surname linkages and the other Viking DNA evidence, was completed by University College London [UCL] in 2004. There are two ancient branches of Clan MacLeod, the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan and the MacLeods of Lewis and Raasay. Each of these branches has many Sept names associated, many of these names with multiple variations and spellings. The UCL study included only the surname MacLeod, with its variant spellings. Under the FTDNA continuation of our Study, all Sept names are encouraged to participate and this separate Group Project has been set up to accommodate them.



Other surnames in Project

Andie, Askey, Aulay, Beaton, Bethune, Callum, Caskie, Grimmond, Harrold, Lewis, MacAndie, MacAskill, MacAulay, MacCabe, MacCaig, MacCallum, MacCaskie, MacClure, MacCorkill, MacCorkindale, MacCorquodale, MacCrimmon, MacGillechallum, MacHarold, MacLewis, MacRaild, MacWilliam, Malcolmson, Nicol, Nicolson, Norman, Norn, Norrie, Tolmie, Williamson

Join the MacLeodSepts surname project

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