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The MacMillan Surname Project


Official surname project of Clan MacMillan, recognized by Chief George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap, but totally voluntary for participants.This Surname Project is for any man who bears any variation of the surname _MacMillan_ OR any of the sept surnames associated with Clan MacMillan. Please look through the list below and see if you find your own surname there.You need not be a member of Clan MacMillan to participate, although you may wish to make such an association in order to meet many more of your probable kin. You may also use the services of the Clan MacMillan genealogist to help you in your own research.Women who are children of a male MacMillan can ask a male relative to partipate and be tested, if so desired.



Other surnames in Project

Baxter/M'Baxter, Bell/Beall, Blue/M'Illeghuirm, Brown/Broune/M'Ilduin, Bullacre, Calman/Coleman, Cane/Cannan/Connon, Gibbon/M'Gibbon/Gibson, Lany/Lennie/Leny, M'Baxter, M'Callum/M'Colmin, M'Can/M'Kane/Kean, M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil, M'Ildonich/M'Maoldonich, Mac'Illemhaoel, Mac-Na-Maoile, MacElmail, MacElmeel, MacElmoyle, MacGhillemhaoil, MacGilbile, MacGilmole, MacGilveil, MacIlemoyle, MacIllemhool, MacIlleveole, MacIlmoil, MacKevoil, MacKlvaill, MacKmallen, MacKmellon, MacKmillion, MacKmolene, MacKmulane, MacKmull, MacKmyllan, MacKnilliam, MacMallen, MacMhaolain, MacMilan, MacMilian, MacMillan, MacMillian, MacMillin, MacMolan, MacMolane, MacMul, MacMulane, MacMuleni, MacMullen, MacMullens, MacMulling, MacMylan, MacMyllan, MacNamell, MacNamil, MacQuemullan, MacVail, Makgillemuil, Makmillan, Makmollane, Makmulane, Makmullane, Makmyllan, Makmyllane, Makmyllen, McElmeel, McGhavile, McGillemoil, McGillemoill, McGillemule, McGillevoyll, McGillimoyle, McGilmole, McGilmoyle, McGilvaoil, McGilveall, McGilveill, McGilvoy, McHevoul, McHoul, McHoull, McHowall, McHowell, McIlevail, McIleveule, McIlevoil, McIlimhewil, McIllemoyll, McIllemull, McIllevail, McIllevoill, McIllvaoil, McIllvoll, McIllywoul, McIlmail, McIlmale, McIlmiline, McIlmilline, McIlmoil, McIlmoill, McIlmoyle, McIlovyll, McIluvail, McIlvail, McIlvaile, McIlveall, McIlveile, McIlveoll, McIlvoail, McIlvoil, McIlvoile, McIlvoill, McIlvoille, McIlvole, McIlvoll, McIlvoyel, McIlvoyle, McIlvoyll, McIlvyle, McIlwoyll, McKilvoile, McKmillan, McMallan, McMallen, McMallin, McMelane, McMelen, McMellen, McMeylane, McMilam, McMilan, McMilane, McMilen, McMileon, McMilion, McMillain, McMillaine, McMillam, McMillan, McMillane, McMilleen, McMillen, McMilliam, McMillian, McMillin, McMillion, McMillone, McMolane, McMolen, McMollan, McMolland, McMollane, McMollem, McMollen, McMollim, McMollin, McMollone, McMolyne, McMouln, McMoylane, McMoyle, McMoylen, McMuillane, McMuilline, McMulan, McMuleon, McMuline, McMulion, McMulione, McMullain, McMullan, McMulland, McMullane, McMullen, McMullens, McMullian, McMullin, McMulling, McMullins, McMullion, McMullione, McMullon, McMullwne, McMulyione, McMwlane, McMylen, McMyllane, McNomoille, McOvill, McUlvoyl, McUlvoyll, Milione, Millan/Mellon/Mullen, Millanson/Melançon, Millanson/Melançon, Milliken/Mulligan, Modrell, Moffat, MOLLDS, MOLLE, Monfor, Monfort, MONTALT, Montes, Motheral, Walker/M'Nuccator

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