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The Macon Surname Project


We are working together to attempt to find all existing descendants of our immigrant Gideon Macon who arrived in Virginia by 1670.We are in the hopes that this DNA Surname Project will help us find other members currently unknown to us, and/or, help us to learn where to concentrate our research for those who have one or more missing generations in their research documentation. We will be happy to have you join us. We are using the YDNA 37 marker test.If you would be interested in joining us on our password protected web site where we share genealogy information, old photos, etc. please contact me, Rusty Macon Weber at rwnlk@aol.comWe would love to hear from you!



Other surnames in Project

Macom, Macon, Macone, Makin, Mason, Meekin, Miccom

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