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The Magruders_Afr._Am. Surname Project


This DNA project seeks to find and connect: 1. African Americans who may be descended from slaves who were owned by the Magruder family. 2. African Americans who may be descended directly from a slave (or free black) woman and a white Magruder male. By collecting DNA samples from African Americans who share this geographic or family history, we hope to find matches that can help members of this project learn more about their shared ancestry. Many African Americans who are researching their family histories have stories from parents and grandparents and other clues about their distant past. Most also have gaps and sometimes hit dead ends in their searches. If you find a DNA match in this project, you can compare and combine your notes and stories and maybe even find a longlost cousin. Some African Americans - with a variety of surnames today - have oral history passed down from their ancestors that they actually descend from a White Magruder male(often a slave owner) and an African American woman (often a slave or servant). If you believe you are descended from such a union, you are welcome to join this project to find out if your YDNA matches the known YDNA from White descendents of Alexander Magruder. He was the first Magruder to arrive in America, in the mid 1600s, as an indentured servant from Scotland. Most, if not all, White Americans descend from Alexander. I, the administrator of this project, am a White Magruder who would love to find my Black cousins. For those of you who are not related to me by blood, I want to do everything I can to help you put together the puzzle of your family story, while recognizing and being sensitive to the tragic ways our families may have been connected in the past.



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African, Magruder, Magruders_Afr._Am.

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