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The MaHaRaL Surname Project


The objective of the MaHaRal project is to research and identify the possible relationships of project members to the esteemed rabbinic Loeb family, of which the most renowned member was Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel (c. 1520-1609), better known as the MaHaRaL of Prague. His grave is the most prominent one in the Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague; his statue stands at the entrance of the City Hall of Prague since 1917; and in the story of the Golem he created a living being from clay. The key member of our MaHaRaL Group is a known, documented all-paternal line descendant of Rabbi Sinai ben Bezalel Loeb/Loew (15?? - 1607), the elder brother of the MaHaRaL. That descendant is Zeev Eshkolot who lives in Israel. His 67-marker Y-DNA represents the reference for assessing the possible relationships of group members to the Loeb family and the MaHaRaL. The reference haplogroup deep clade of Zeev Eshkolot, and therefore of the MaHaRaL, is E1b1b1a3*. We invite you to join the MaHaRaL Group and welcome you. Herb Huebscher Group Administrator and Richard Gussow Group Co-administrator



Other surnames in Project

Abramson, Arons, Berg, Brilliant, Eshkolot, Eskeles, Fidel, Freed, Goldshtein, Goldstein, Grossberg, Gurevich, Janiszewski, Klein, Klickstein, Kottwitz, Kovalivker, Lasner, Lavi, Levai, Litwack, Loeb, Loew, Loewe, Loewy, Lowy, Löw, Löwe, Machtinger, MaHaRaL, Marcus, Mark, Pikus, Quittman, Ring, Rosenblum, SMITH, Sternberg, Varnavatti, Weinstein, Woronoff

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