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The Mannington Surname Project


Man(n)ington, Man(n)aton and Mon(n)ington are rare names concentrated in different regions of England or Wales. Manatons of 1881 were concentrated in Cornwall & Devon while Maningtons & Manatons of Cornwall were documented in the Visitations of Cornwall from the 14th to 18th centuries. Mon(n)ingtons of 1881 were concentrated in Hereford and Mon(n)ingtons & Man(n)ingtons appear in records there back to the 15th century. Man(n)ingtons of 1881 were concentrated in Sussex and Kent and the presence of Man(n)ingtons there was documented back to the early 17th century.The Mannington family from East Sussex has a legend that its origin lies in the well documented and distinguished Manington/Manaton family of Cornwall. Yet the given names in the Sussex family (John, Thomas, Isaac, Matthew...) do not resemble at all those of the Cornwall family (Sampson, Ambrose, Pierce...). They more closely resemble those of the also distinguished Hereford Monington family. Are we separate families or all one big family originating in Cornwall, expanding to Hereford and thence to Sussex & Kent? Documents can't tell us if we are all related, but DNA analysis can. If you are a male with the name of Man(n)ington, Man(n)aton, or Mon(n)ington, please join our DNA study to find out.



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