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The Margulies/Margolis Surname Project


There are numerous families who bear the name Margulies, Margules, Margolis and other varients such as Margolin, Morgulas, Margalit, Margalyiot, Margolioth and include names that mean the same in other languages such as Pearl, Perlstein, Pearlstein etc. This project seeks to identify commonality or distinctions between those people with any of these names. Because some Margulies variant families adopted the Margulies (or variant) name from a spouse those that know they are descended from a male with a different surname who changed his name should still join- an example of this are those who descend from Menachem Mendel Schtengen-Margolioth and Scheindel Margolioth (the granddaughter of Shmuel Margolioth of Posen). Or if you descend from another surname but know that it was changed from a Margulies variant at some point- for example there are some known Margulies male descendents who adopted the name Landau or Jaffe.



Other surnames in Project

jaffe, Landau, Margalis, Margalit, Margalyiot, Margolin, Margoliot, Margolioth, Margolis, Margules, Margulies, Margulis, Morgulas, Morgulis, Pearl, Pearlstein, Perl, Perlstein, Schoetegen, Schtengen, Shtang, Shtangen, Shteng, Shtengel, Shtengen

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