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The Marlatt-Merlet Surname Project


The goals of this project are to: 1) identify the common ancestors of all Marlatt family members, and 2) identify the descendants of Gedeon Merlet b. ca 1624. Surnames of interest include: Marlatt, Marlett, Marlette, Marlot, Marlott, Merlat, Morlatt, Murlatt, Malott, Mollet, Mellott and similar spelling variants.



Other surnames in Project

Malat, Malatt, Malatte, Malet, Malett, Malette, Mallat, Mallatt, Mallatte, Mallet, Mallett, Mallette, Mallot, Mallott, Mallotte, Mallut, Mallutt, Mallutte, Malot, Malott, Malotte, Malut, Malutt, Malutte, Marlat, Marlatt, Marlatte, Marlet, Marlett, Marlette, Marlot, Marlott, Marlotte, Marlut, Marlutt, Marlutte, Melat, Melatt, Melatte, Melet, Melett, Melette, Mellat, Mellatt, Mellatte, Mellet, Mellett, Mellette, Mellot, Mellott, Mellotte, Mellut, Mellutt, Mellutte, Melot, Melott, Melotte, Melut, Melutt, Melutte, Merlat, Merlatt, Merlatte, Merlet, Merlett, Merlette, Merlot, Merlott, Merlotte, Merlut, Merlutt, Merlutte, Molat, Molatt, Molatte, Molet, Molett, Molette, Mollat, Mollatt, Mollatte, Mollet, Mollett, Mollette, Mollot, Mollott, Mollotte, Mollut, Mollutt, Mollutte, Molot, Molott, Molotte, Molut, Molutt, Molutte, Morlat, Morlatt, Morlatte, Morlet, Morlett, Morlette, Morlot, Morlott, Morlotte, Morlut, Morlutt, Morlutte, Mulat, Mulatt, Mulatte, Mulet, Mulett, Mulette, Mullat, Mullatt, Mullatte, Mullet, Mullett, Mullette, Mullot, Mullott, Mullotte, Mullut, Mullutt, Mullutte, Mulot, Mulott, Mulotte, Mulut, Mulutt, Mulutte, Murlat, Murlatt, Murlatte, Murlet, Murlett, Murlette, Murlot, Murlott, Murlotte, Murlut, Murlutt, Murlutte

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