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The Marston Surname Project


MARSTEN, MARSTIN, MARSTON, MASTEN, MASTIN, or MASTON. This project is for males [only] whose surname is either of the above. The New England colonial MARSTONs have 3 known progenitors: John of Salem; John, "The Mariner", and William of Hampton. The Virginia MARSTONs may descend from as many or more progenitors. I personally have always suspected that both John, "The Mariner", and one or more of the Virginia MARSTONs came from Norfolk county, England, as did John of Salem and William. It would now seem, however, that the evidence contradicts this "pet" notion of mine. Like most families, we are a multi-racial group, and at least one of us, whose earliest known ancestor lived in Jamaica, has proven to be of Haplogroup A, the original of all the haplogroups. None of us can assume that the compilers of of our family genealogies got it right. Science will either confirm or refute their findings. Science may also prove or disprove a connection among the several MARSTON, MASTEN, etc., families who have survived to this day. Our preliminary focus is upon our North American cousins, but cousins from the world wide are welcome. Proof of an American colonial connection is NOT required. It is anticipated that most of us will find our common ancestor[s] lived in England before colonies were established. This will provide an opportunity to explore possible connections among the several British lines. It will allow Canadians, Australians, etc., to explore whether they have cousins at home, in the USA, in England, or elsewhere. Descendants of the New York colonial MASTENs are participating and have already found that they connect with a MARSTON branch. Some Canadian MARSTONs, etc., may match with those from colonial New England lines, while others will match to other lines that will undoubtedly develop eventually. I'm excited about this project and what modern science can add to our knowledge of our roots and our relationships to one another. Come join us to help find the answers for these lines and for your own paternal line. Dick Marston, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA, Project Administrator



Other surnames in Project

Marsten, Marstin, Marston, Masten, Mastin, Maston

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