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The Marvin,Mervyn Surname Project


YDNA, mtDNA & Family Finder project for surnames: MARVIN, MARVYN, MERVIN, MERVYN, and all OTHER VARIATIONS not mentioned like MARVANNE, MERVINE & MERVIS. "We encourage you to join additional projects that best suit your needs and will possibly help others answer their past." This is a "FREE Project" and there is "No Limit" to the number you can join. **Note: Some DNA test & upgrades are discounted if you have joined a surname project.** Many researchers have reached their "brick-wall", due to a lack of documentation, thus speculating unknown heritage. Some are thought to have an ancient kinship while others reflect an independent origin. Knowing which set you might descend from, possibly ties you into some ancient history, in IRELAND, WALES, SCOTLAND, ENGLAND, FRANCE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, or the UNITED STATES. We highly recommend the Y-37 test or higher Y-67 for your accuracy. The 12-marker DNA test links each to many other surnames and is best used to disprove a suspected genealogical connection on the direct paternal line. If cost is a determining factor, then do the 25-marker test and later upgrade to 37 or 67 markers, when it's economically and convenient for you. Please email me, and include some background information about your most distant paternal ancestor. If "unknown" or just a few genetations is known, it is ok, we may be able to help with our current knowledge. I ask this of all new members, so that we can better understand and properly group you. We encourage you to join other projects. Mike,



Other surnames in Project

Marvan, Marvann, Marvanne, Marvin, Marvine, Marvyn, Merfin, Merfinn, Mervin, Mervine, Mervis, Mervyn

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