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The Matz-Jaffe-Rabin Surname Project


Welcome to the Family Tree Y-DNA Group of the Matz - Jaffe - Rabinowitz Global Family, for testing of MALE paternal line DNA, using the Y-DNA 37 MARKER TEST. This site is also connected to the website Matz - Jaffe - Rabinowitz Global Family Tree and the Facebook Group Descendents of Rabbi Dov Ber Jaffe of Turets. It's open to MALE DIRECT LINE descendents of Rabbi Dov Ber Turetzer/Turetsky JAFFE of Turets Belarus (b. 1789 in Turets Belarus - d. 20 Jan 1829 in Vilnius Lithuania). Rabbi Dov Ber was the rabbi of Korelichi Belarus, Lyubcha Belarus, and Utena Lithuania. He was the father of the famous Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Jaffe (1820-1891), an early Zionist, called the Rav from Yehud. Rabbi Dov Ber's eldest son was Rabbi Yaakov (Yankel) Matz of Utena Lithuania (b. 1810 -d. after 1877). Rabbi Matz's descendents stayed in Utena, and some also moved to other towns in Lithuania, including Kalvarija and Vilkaviskis. Descendents of the Matz, Jaffe, and Rabinowitz families now live across the world, including Europe, the US, South Africa, and Israel. We're trying to map out an accurate picture of the world's greater Matz-Jaffe-Rabinowitz family, through MALE Y-DNA 37 MARKER testing. So check out our family tree on our website and check if you're related to us. If so, then contact us here at the FTDNA Group, about about having your MALE Y-DNA 37 MARKER profile taken - we've got some very interesting stories to tell, and Y-DNA analysis could tell us things that we never expected!



Other surnames in Project

jaffe, Karelitsky, Karelitz, Karelitzer, Matz, Rabani, Rabinowitz, Turets, Turetsky, Turetzer

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