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The McCaleb/McCalip Surname Project


The McCaleb/McCalip DNA project will allow various families to determine which branch of this group that they belong to and how far back they have a common ancestor. After its completion it will act as a springboard for further research. The earliest McCaleb/McCalip imigration to America was in about the 1740?s from Scotland via Ireland to the Carolinas. It is said that three brothers with their families came to America at that time. Over time one group moved to Florida and Mississippi. Another group migrated West.. A third group moved to Maryland. Later in history a second group arrived from Ireland and settled in the northern states. It is these branches that we will study to find a common ancestor for all branches on the family tree. Solid evidence exits in deeds and other documents that show changes in spelling in early American history between the two variants of this surname. There may be other similar spellings. All groups have either a Scottish or Scotch-Irish background. Scottish groups are those that left Scotland and immediately sailed from Ireland to America. Scotch-Irish groups are those who lived for a period of time in Ireland before migrating on to America. This study is open to all that share these surnames or similar spellings in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain or other areas they may have migrated. We encourage your participation. The prior site administrator studied this surname for 15 years and this DNA study is intended to tie up loose ends of his research that has already been completed. He traveled extensively from the East to West coasts visiting homesteads, plantations, farms-ranches, battlefield sites, and mills of early family members. He discovered a rich and colorful family history. He plans to finish off this study with a published family history book that will be available to all participants. In order to complete these plans he needs your help and participation. If you share this surname or similar, you are welcome. The prior project site is still available, but is not maintained:



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