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The McCaughan Surname Project


This project is open to all McCaughan's of any spelling anywhere in the world. It will determine if McCaughan's in various parts of the world share a common ancestor and allow them to compare their DNA values to others tested. The test will allow folks with different name spellings to determine if they are related. Members of the same family can share the cost of the test as close family members will have the same DNA results. In the following list the proper form Mac is used as the prefix on most of these names, the short form Mc and M' has also been widely used down the ages. Mc is most commonly used to this day. This list was originally supplied many years ago by Chevalier John Alexander McCaughan, D.E., K.H., L.H.G., F.A.S., R.G., O.A.A., F.S.A., Scot. the 29th Head of his House Maceachian/McCaughan.



Other surnames in Project

Apscholloc, Apscollosthes, Ascolog, Auchanson, Cagen, Cahanson, Caighan, Cakon, Eachanson, Kaighan, Kaighen, Kaighin, Kaighn, Keighin, MacAchan, MacAchyne, MacAichan, MacAitchen, MacAughan, MacAychin, MacCachan, MacCagen, MacCaghan, MacCaghlin, MacCahan, MacCahen, MacCahin, MacCahon, MacCaigen, MacCakoen, MacCheachan, MacEachain, MacEachan, MacGachan, MacGachand, MacGachen, MacGaghan, MacGahan, MacGahon, MacGaichan, MacGathan, MacGauchan, MacGaughan, MacGaughane, MacGaychin, MacGeachan, MacGeaghan, MacKachan, MacKaghan, MacKahon, MacKaichin, MacKaighan, MacKaughan, MacKeachan, MacKeegan, MacKeighan, MacKeohan, MacKighan, MacKouchane, MacKukan, MagAchan, Makachane, MakCachane, McCauchin, McCaughan, McCaughern, McCaughin, McCawhan, McCoin, McEachern, McEaghan, McKaghan, McKaughan, McKeehan, McKoin, Scoloc

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