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The McCord Surname Project


McCord-DNA Research Project is designed to explore and document the potential relationships between the various distinct McCord, MacCord, McCourt and other variants of this surname, from family lines found emerging in Colonial America in the early to mid-1700', and their links back to Ireland and Scotland and various other countries. Who can join: While you must be a McCord-variant surname to achieve the useful Y-chromosome DNA test results, female researchers are also invited to participate through encouraging test kit submissions in their behalf by fathers, brothers, male cousins, or other directly related McCord variant surname males. By joining the McCord Surname Project you are consenting to having your DNA test results matched with other DNA submissions for genealogical research purposes only. Each applicant is encouraged to read FamilyTreeDNA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and related official FamilyTree reference material.



Other surnames in Project

& others, Cord, Corde, Courtney, Cuarta, M'Chorald, M'herarde, M'Horrard, M'Thorald, Mac Eraird, MacChoard, MacChord, MacCoard, MacCord, MacCorda, MacCorde, MacCourt, MacCourty, MacCuAirt, MacCuarta, MacKord, MacKorda, Maolcuiart, McCord, McCorda, McCorde, McCorrard, McCort, McCourt, McCoyrd, others

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