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The McCorkle Surname Project


Welcome!Thanks for taking a moment to visit. If you are a male with surname (last name) McCorkle (or any of its variant spellings), please consider joining the study. PurposeI offer this DNA study as a forum for all McCorkle researchers to compare their traditional genealogical research to the results indicated by DNA comparisons. Some research will be proven; perhaps some will be disproven. In some cases, disjointed branches will be linked, thus validating the need for future research. Whatever the results, I'm sure they will be rewarding and beneficial to the larger McCorkle genealogical body of knowledge. ObjectivesInitially, I plan to focus my efforts on recruiting McCorkles in America, with special emphasis on descendants from the line that runs through Mecklenburg NC in the early 1700s. However, I don't take the perspective that I own this study: it's yours. I'm just the host. So come one, come all. Let's see where the research takes us! Variant SpellingsThe McCorkle surname has many variant spellings. Rest assured, all are welcome and encouraged to join. Latest ResultsWe now have four participants. All participant results are very close to the highly-common Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype. To truly distinguish the McCorkles in the study so far, it is desirable to upgrade all participants to 67 markers.



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