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The McCracken Surname Project


One goal is to identify through genetic testing a pathway that links our McCracken ancestors who lived in Scotland & Ireland as early as the 17th century with McCracken families throughout the world today. Another goal is to identify the paternal ancestral genetic homeland in Scotland and/or Ireland where our McCracken ancestors lived. Our project members live in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland & the United Kingdom. Any McCracken male is encouraged to join our group. Men with Y-DNA results that match our members, but have a different surname are encouraged & welcome to join our group.



Other surnames in Project

Carlisle, Fowler, Frasher, Hall, Hensley, Jones, Law, Lenares, M'Cracken, M'Crackin, M'Craken, M'Crakin, MacCracken, MacCrackin, MaCracken, McBride, McClelland, McCracane, McCrackan, McCracken, McCracker, McCrackin, McCracking, McCreary, McDowell, McFarlane, McKerachan, McKirachan, McKracken, McKracker, McKrackin, McKrakan, McMahon, McMasters, McMeekin, McMurray, McRacken, McRackin, MeCrachan, Mecracken, Mecraggin, MeCraken, MeKrackan, MeKrackin, Mills, Mitchell, Parson

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