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The McKemie Surname Project


This project has evolved out of the McKemie One Name Study. The ONS is devoted to the research and preservation of the genealogical history of the surname McKEMIE. It is dedicated to supporting anyone interested in their McKEMIE (and all spelling variants) family history and acts as a bridge between the various families, both stateside and worldwide. It is intended to be a central repository for research data, providing access to researchers of this fascinating surname. The purpose of the McKemie One Name Study DNA Project is to expand our genealogy research by confirming or disproving family lines through DNA testing. The DNA Project is considered an extention of the McKemie One Name Study, also known as the McK/McC One Name Study or ONS.Aside from this, we hope to better understand our McK/McC kinship, family lines, ethnic origins, migrations, and Scottish clan affiliations. In essence, this DNA project endeavors to answer two questions every genealogist has: Who are we and where did we come from? While at this moment in time, neither of these questions can be answered absolutley, we can use DNA testing as yet another tool in our genealogical quest.



Other surnames in Project

MacCamy, Mackemie, Mackemmie, Makemie, McCamey, McCamy, McKaimy, McKamey, McKamie, McKamy, McKeamy, McKemie, McKemmie, McKemy, McKimmey, McKimmie

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