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The McQuillan Surname Project


The project seeks to use Y-DNA testing, both alone and in conjunction with traditional paper genealogy, to (1) Determine which McQuillan lines are closely related to one another. Given the difficulties in Irish family research, this could help many in providing a way to assist paper genealogy, through facilitating the sharing of leads and focusing of cooperative research on related lines, by testing findings and assumptions made through traditional genealogy research, and by linking emigrant lines with McQuillan families still in Ireland. (2) Shed new light on the origins and history of the McQuillans. There is currently a broad range of historical theories about the origins of the clan, from claims of native Irish origin, of descent from the Norman de Mandevilles or of descent from 13th century Cambro-Norman or Scots mercenaries. There is also the strong possibility that the surname as found has multiple origins. DNA can also confirm whether some Cullens, MacWilliams, Quillens and others are really descended from earlier McQuillans. (3) Explore the deep ethnographic origins of the McQuillans over the thousands of years before the emergence of surnames.



Other surnames in Project

MacQuillan, McQuillan, McQuillen, McQuillian, McQuillin, McQuilling, McQuillon, Quillan, Quillen

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