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The Meates Surname Project


This project was started in 2001 as a Surname Project for Meates with possible variants Mate, Mates, and Meats. The project is one of the first 25 projects started at Family Tree DNA. At the time this project started, there were no public websites, so an independent website was created. Over 90% of the results are haplogroup I. The website displays the results by family tree. This approach accommodates the early participants, now deceased, who were promised confidentiality. The surname Meates is found in the British Isles in Ireland, England, and Wales. A very systematic result was taken to testing. First all Meates tree worldwide, then each Meats tree worldwide, then the Mates trees that went back to Ireland, then Mates and Mate of the UK, and so forth . Many discoveries were made with DNA, and then the results were combined with over 400 early recordings and surname distribution maps to find the surname origins. There was an extremely large group of over 100 men who match. This group is comprised of all the Meates trees that go back to Ireland, all the Mates trees that go back to Ireland, except the county Kildare tree, some Mate trees of England, and all Meats trees worldwide. Records indicated that the surname origin for this large group was Mayott that arose in north Staffordshire in the late 1200s. Early recordings showed surname evolution to many forms during the Great Vowel Shift change of pronunciation, such as the form Meot. An explicit alias was also found to support the surname evolution. When the surname stabilized, the primary form was Myatt. Five(5) random Myatt trees were then tested, and they matched the large group of Mate, Mates, Meates and Meats. The surname Meates arose in Ireland from Mayott/Meyott in the early 1700s in County Wicklow. The earliest recording of a Mayott being in Ireland is in 1663. All Meates whose trees go back to Ireland share a mutation, indicating that they share a common ancestor since the progenitor of the surname. The surname Mates evolved from Meates in Ireland in the 1700s. The surname Meats evolved in Derbyshire in the 1600s. There is evidence of a Mayott migrating to Derbyshire in the 1400s. All Meats trees share a different mutation, indicating that they share a common ancestor since the progenitor of the surname. For more detail see page 6 of each of the following Journals for a 2 part article series about the project. Overtime, this project evolved to include other surnames for the sole purpose of investigating surname evolution, an area that has had little study. Therefore this project is an expanded Surname Project which includes surname evolution, determining which of the surnames share a common ancestor, the geographic origin of the common ancestor, and we hope to determine the number of points of origin for those surnames with multiple origins. Our surnames aren't usually found in Surname Dictionaries, so it is up to us to figure out the geographic origin of our surnames, the original form, and the migration paths of our ancestors. Join our Surname Project to discover more about your ancestry and to find those to whom you are related.



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