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The Merritt-Marriott Surname Project


Description: All Merritts and Marriotts of various spellings are welcome to take part in this exciting new project. While we can only use the male participant's DNA to conduct the study, females play an important role in assisting us with encouraging participation through both moral and financial support. Y Chromosome DNA has provided a way to document family kinship when paper trails are uncertain or nonexistent



Other surnames in Project

Demerit, Demeritt, however, Maret, Mariotta, Marriot, Marriott, Marriotta, Maryet, Maryot, Meriat, Merit, Merret, Merrett, Merriot, Merriott, Merrit, Merritt, Merrott, Merryott, Merrytt

Join the Merritt-Marriott surname project

If you want to join the Merritt-Marriott project please order your DNA test here.

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