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The Minthorn Surname Project


Are The Minthorne, Minthorn, Minturn, and Minton's of CT, Rhode Island, Orange County NY, NJ, and NYC connected? That has been a long time question that has been asked by everyone researching their Minthorn family line. We all belive there is a connection but no documents have ever been found. Lets solve this mystery with a DNA test. We are searching for anyone with a connection to these surnames to participate in this DNA test. This sites administrator is connected to the Minthorn's of Orange County NY. John/Johannes Minthorn line of Warwick NY. Father of Capt John and Nathaniel Minthorn of Bellvale. We are in search of the Jonas Minturn line from Rhode Island. The Minturn's of the Shipping line in NYC. The Morristown NJ Minthorn/Minton's. The NYC Philip Minthornes, and also the CT Minthorn line. Also any and all other lines connected to the Minthorn's and various spellings.



Other surnames in Project

Minthorn, Minthorne, Minton, Minturn

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