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The Montagne Surname Project


The purpose of the MONTAGNE surname project is to give family researchers a tool to assist in ancestral research. Thanks to modern science, we can finally determine if all those bearing the MONTAGNE surname or its variant surnames are closely related. We hope to identify the distinctive genetic patterns for each branch of the MONTAGNE family. We are excited about the possibilities of learning more about our deeper genetic past. Finally, we hope to make more discoveries about both the ancestors and the descendants of Dr. Jean Mousnier de la Montagne (1595-1670), Huguenot physician of New Amsterdam and Vice Director of the Colony of New Netherland (today known as New York).



Other surnames in Project

de la Montagne, de la Montanya, Mantonya, Mintonye, Monier, Montaine, Montana, Montaney, Montanya, Montanye, Montayne, Montney, Montonye, Mountney, Mousnier

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