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The Morey Surname Project


The Morey Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. Ancestry uncertain? Here's the opportunity to establish scientifically what the paper trail could not. A major goal of this project is to put Morey (and similar names) families in touch with their genetic cousins, to sort Morey descendants into groups of related families to determine the place of origin for each group, and to identify distant branches of families belonging to a single group. As this project carries on the work of the late Geoffrey Williams and many other Morey researchers, it is really a one-name study more than a one-family study--Morey families have various origins. Y-DNA tests are for straight paternal lines and should be taken by males who bears the Morey surname or one of its variant spellings. Those will be the easiest tests for us to analyze. However, we also welcome Morey descendants who do not have the surname. Perhaps MtDNA and autosomal (Family Finder) tests will help us identify further relationships! We also welcome Y-DNA testees with other surnames whose Y matches prove to be mainly Moreys. All variant spellings are welcome. If your surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it.



Other surnames in Project

 Morey, Maury, Morry, Mory, Mowrey, Mowry

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