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The Mulherin Surname Project


The Mulherin DNA Surname Project was established to apply the science of DNA testing to help existing and future Mulherin (and variant surname) genealogy researchers: 1. validate traditional (paper) research, 2. identify project members who are related, 3. establish approximate time frames for Most Recent Common Ancestors, 4. prove, or disprove, theories regarding family history, 5. determine areas where additional research is needed, and 6. preserve DNA samples for the future, thus facilitating the ready application of improvements in the field of DNA testing for genealogy research which are sure to come. Based on traditional research, the initial DNA sample for this project represents a Mulherin line believed to be descended from Charles Mulherin, born about 1710 in Ireland.



Other surnames in Project

Mulherin, Mulheron, Mulherrin, Mulherron

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