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The Musick Surname Project


Welcome,The Musick family DNA project is an adjunct of The Musick Family Association of America. The goals of the project are:1) Establish a DNA baseline for the descendents of George Musick, Sr., 1664-1754 of Spotsylvania County, Virginia. George Sr. fathered six sons; Elexious, Ambrose, Ephraim, George, Abraham, and Daniel. The intent is to obtain DNA samples from at least two male descendents of each of George Sr.'s six sons, though additional samples are welcome and encouraged.2) Having established a DNA baseline will allow those beliving they are descended from George Sr. to verify their relationship through comparison with their personal DNA testing.3) Additionally, there are several families with the surname Musick or a variant thereof. Some believe they are not related to descendents of George Sr. and some are not sure. The baseline will allow comparison between the various Musick families scattered around the world. Through this comparison, connecting some family groups and disconnecting others, it is hoped we can gain insight into George Sr.'s origins. There is currently no certainty as to George Sr.'s home before immigrating to the Virginia Colony, while likely candidates are England or Wales.As the project progresses, goals may change due to revelation of knew information. All ideas and suggestions are welcome, please contact the project administrator, Doyle Music with any questions.Thank you,MFAA



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however, Music, Musick, Musik, Mussick

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