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The Mustard Surname Project


This project is meant to tie the various Mustard/Mustarde families together if possible. We have been able to trace most families back to around 1640 in Scotland, and in some cases the name back to 1200, in England. In the book, The Magnificent Century, Ralph Mustard was listed as the King's Castellan, in 1208, so that is a listing of one of the English Mustards. Another is that the last surviving member of the Charge of the Light Brigade was a Sgt. Mustard.There are Mustards in Scotland, England, Ireland and all over North America, and Australia that we know of. There is also a family story that ties the Mustards to the MacGregor clan. We would like to prove or disprove this connection. There is also the probablilty that we have a French connection.To do this, you may join the project for $99,for the 12-Marker test, and $148 for a 25 marker test. See kit order page for other tests. This may help determine what individual you are descended from, and what line of Mustards you are connected with, or not.This discovered, individuals, or groups, may elect to run the MRCA--Most Recent Common Ancestor--to sort out unexpected newly discovered cousins. Or the Comprehensive Ancestoral/Anthropological Test may be performed to determine whether we were Celts. Hugh (Old Hugh) Mustard, John Mustard's 3rd Great Grandfather spoke only Gaelic, even though he raised his family in Rosemarkie, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, then emigrated to Ontario, Canada, finally to Dickinson, Kansas.Update (9/11) on results. I (John Mustard) matched the person considered to be the baseline McGregor only 21/25, however that probably indicates that way back 1,000-1,500 years ago, we possibly were kin. Some recent McGregor's have joined our study, and they did not match us at all, not even remotely. So who is the McGregor. I don't know! I suspect that our Mustard family really was related probably through marriage, with an ancestral grandmother being a McGregor, and of course there is just the possibility that we were an affiliated family, with possibly a McGregor Grandmother in the mix.



Other surnames in Project

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