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The Oates/Oats Surname Project


The Oates vs. Oats project will explore the male direct line descendants of two family lines of Oates/Oats by comparing the Y chromosome STR DNA data of the projects members. The two family lines are: ? First, the James Oates line. JAMES OATES was born Abt. 1660, and died Bef. 24 Jul 1703 in North Carolina. He married ELIZABETH PERRY EIVENS. James Oates was a planter and practicing attorney according to early NC records. In his will he mentions his son Joseph Oates, his wife Elizabeth (Eivens) Oates, and his stepson Jonathan Eivens. His son Joseph was born Joseph Oates was born 7 August 1697. ? Second is the JOHN OATS line. Tradition has it that John Oats was born in Ireland in 1697. He married FRANCES (FANNIE) SUSAN REID around 1731 in Ireland. They departed Ireland in 1734 and arrived in New Castle, Delaware. No passenger list have been found for their travel. A son, William, is reported to have been born aboard the ship on the trip from Ireland. John Oats is mentioned in the tax records of Chester County, Pennsylvania as early as 1754 and as late as 1758. John Oats settled in what is now Franklin County, PA. Land records indicate John Oats was in Franklin County as early as 1759. John and his wife died in 1776. His sons, John and William; and his daughters Ellenor, Mary and Elizabeth are mentioned in his will. These children moved to Lincoln County, North Carolina after the death of their parents. The son, William, settled in what is now Cleveland County, NC. The son, John, settled in the Crowders Mountain township area of what is now Gaston County, NC. There are some who believe that they had a daughter, Jane, and another son named Edward. Edward Oates is the one who was trading with the British out of Charleston, South Carolina and was hung during the Revolutionary War. Any male who is a known direct line descendent of either of these lines are eligible to join this project. We will also accept descendents of Edward Oates. Direct line descendants must provide a list of their direct line ancestors back to James Oates, John Oats, or Edward Oats. If Y-DNA STR profile of the direct male descendants of James Oates are very different from the ones of the direct male descendants of John Oats, it proves that the two families do not share the same paternal lineage. The main goal is to determine if the members of two families descended from the same paternal lineage of Oates. The second goal is to determine if descendants of Edward Oates are direct line descendants of either James Oates or John Oats.



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