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The Obermiller Surname Project


The name Obermiller is believed to be an Anglicization or Americanization of the German name Obermueller or Obermuller. The origin of the name was the occupation of miller, which is mueller or muller in German. The German word Obermuehle refers to the upper mill. Many towns and villages in Germany had two mills, a lower mill (untermuehle) and an upper mill (obermuehle). The surname Obermueller or Obermuller is believed to refer to a person who owned or worked at the upper mill. The purpose of this surname DNA project is to sort people named Obermiller or any variation of that name into family groups using DNA analysis. By making contact with other previously unknown family members, we can all share genealogy and family history, perhaps enabling us to trace our family lines back farther than we have ever been able to do before. So if you are a man named Obermiller, Obermuller, Obermueller, Obermoeller, Overmiller, or any other variation, please join our DNA project and participate in the search for our roots.



Other surnames in Project

Obermiller, Obermoeller, Obermueller, Obermuller, Overmiller

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