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The Oberst Surname Project


Oberst, Obrist, Oberist, Zobrist, Zoberist, Zoberst. My name is Tom Oberst and I am the current group Administrator for the Oberst Family - Worldwide Y-DNA Project. The Group Administrators are unpaid volunteers. The Oberst Family - Worldwide Y-DNA Project welcomes all participants. We are open to all families with this surname, of all spelling variations and from all locations around the world. We encourage you to join today. The surnames in this DNA project, Oberst, Obrist, Oberist, Zobrist, Zoberist, Zoberst, Zuberist. The name is Swiss-German and the origins have been traced to Basal, Switzerland in 1310, Zurich, Switzerland in the 1380's and Canton Aargau, Switzerland in the 1480's. Some family lines have been very well researched. Some background for one family line can be found at: The Oberst Family - Worldwide DNA Project was started to: 1. Help researchers work together to find their shared heritage when paper trails are no longer possible. 2. Identify participant family genetic connections and connecting previously unconnected family lines 3. Confirm worldwide genetic lineages of ancestral families in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Canada, America, Argentina, Chile,Russia and many other countries around the world. 4. Make friends Participating in this Surname DNA project provides: · The participants genetic DNA which is very close(and sometimes identical) to his earliest known ancestors. · The participants "deep" ancestry (Haplogroup) which identifies the paternal ancestors prehistoric origins. · A sense of camaraderie, which is always strong for those who share a genetic ancestry. · Knowledge of understanding our ancestors better,especially where records are lost. Participation is an opportunity to uncover information not provided in the paper records and an opportunity to possible connect family lines. Surname DNA information can be very powerful when combined with DNA trails. Our project is just getting started but we have already make some very exciting discoveries.



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Oberist, Oberst, Obrist, Zoberist, Zoberst, Zobrist, Zuberist

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