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The Oliphant Surname Project


The Oliphant Clan and Family Association includes members from nations worldwide though most are in our homeland, Scotland, and the United States. We search for Oliphant roots through traditional methods, as well as DNA analysis. The Oliphant Y-DNA Project is intended for those Oliphant males seeking to trace or confirm their Oliphant (and related surnames) heritage. The DNA results, combined with genealogy research, hopefully will open some new windows for research on our Oliphant heritage. Members will be identified on our public web site by kit number and surname, but the administrators may disclose additional relevant information to project members. You can learn more about Clan Oliphant's heritage at our website: PLEASE NOTE: The Y-DNA test results are intended for genealogical research and are not intended for medical DNA analyses. The Oliphant Y-DNA Project volunteer project administrators have no commercial affiliation with any profit making organization relating to this project and receive no compensation for services or expenses involved with the Oliphant Y DNA project. A Surname Project uses Y-DNA testing to identify members of a family that share a common surname. Surnames are passed down from father to son like the Y-chromosome. Females do not carry their father's Y-DNA, and therefore cannot have a Y-DNA test. Females who would like to check their direct paternal line can have a male Oliphant relative order a Y-DNA test. We recommend that persons tested for this project have their Y-DNA tested to at least 37 markers, and preferably 67 markers. We also request that all members of the Oliphant Y-DNA Project share their paternal lineage, as far back as it is known, with the group. Females and males can also order a mitochondrial DNA test for themselves. Since both females and males inherit their mtDNA only from their mother, this test identifies our maternal line (mother?s mother?s mother ?). An autosomal DNA test may also be ordered by males and females. The Family Finder atDNA test is useful for identifying likely relatives out to 3rd cousins and for determining a person?s deep ancestry, such as the continent(s) where their ancestors originated. The Family Tree DNA FAQ provides more information on all these DNA tests.



Other surnames in Project

Olifent, Oliphant, Oliphint, Olivant, Olliphant, Ollivant, Olyphant

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