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The Ommert Surname Project


From the year 1560 OMMERT families can be traced in Germany in a small region 50 miles east of Frankfurt on Main, between Fulda and Wuerzburg, in the borderlands of Bavaria and Hesse. Descendants still live there, but many members migrated all over Germany and to America, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and more.So far we found: I) Geroda, Bavaria: Amerd-Umbert-Omert from abt 1550 till abt 1800; I.1 Mittelsinn, Bavaria: Ommert (descendant of Geroda)from abt 1745; II) Oberweiszenbrunn-Ginolfs, Bavaria: Omert from abt 1650; III) Hammelburg-Pfaffenhausen, Bavaria: Ohmert from abt 1610; IV) Hutten-Gundhelm,Hesse: Ommert from abt 1600. IV.1 Adam Ommert families to nearby Oberkalbach (still there), from there a)in 1750/52 the half-brothers Johann Ommerth to Pennsylvania, ancestors of the families Ohmart, Ohmert and Ohmit in America b) in 1834 Nikolaus (1817-1863) to Ohio; c) in 1858 Johann (1840-1928) to PA: Ommerts on East- and West coast of America: d) in 1879 Joh.Nikolaus (1862-1932) to Nebraska USA; IV.2 the Jost Ommert families go to nearby Mottgers and Niederzell. From there many move to America (small families). This OMMERT DNA project seeks to determine or confirm the relatedness among identified lines or branches and individuals through sharing of DNA testing.



Other surnames in Project

Ohmart, Ohmert, Ohmit, Omert, Ommard, Ommert, Ommerth

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