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The Orbik Surname Project


To establish or confirm connections with people with surnames starting with O R B. After many years of genealogical research, I have been able to trace back all Orbiks to a family group in the village of Tajno in Poland showing up there in the 1680s but originating in some other unknown location. At the same time there were at least two families in this village named Orbanski. It is unclear whether Orbik was a derivative of Orbanski or vice versa, or whether they were connected at all. The Orbanski name was gone by the early 1700s. After leaving Tajno, some Orbiks changed their names to fit in with local cultures including Orbick, and Orbeck in America. Other similar surnames include Orbeck and Orbek, mostly from Scandinavia, Orbach and Orbok in Germany, Orban and Orbanski form Poland, Spain and France, and Orbich from the Balkan countries. This project would help confirm or deny family connections relating to the name, establish family connections with those who have changed their names from the original spelling, and possibly identify deeper roots beyond the 1680s.



Other surnames in Project

Aeurbach, Aurbach, Ohrbach, Orbach, Orback, Orbaczewski, Orbaek, Orbak, Orban, Orbanski, Orbech, Orbeck, Orbek, Orbiak, Orbich, Orbick, Orbik, Orbinski, Orbok, Orbuk, Orbyk, Urbanczyk, Urbik, Von Orbach

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