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The Orem Surname Project


The purpose of this project is to determine who the Orems are and where they came from. The earliest known male Orem in America is Andrew Orem who married Elenore Morris on Feb. 11, 1678 as recorded in the Tred Avon Society of Friends meeting in Talbot County, Maryland. From this union came four children: Andrew,Thomas,Morris, and Eleanor; their descendants have spread throughout the USA. It has long been thought that Andrew was Scottish and one of the goals of this project is to determine his birthplace. This goal has been achieved using Y chromosome DNA analysis and by searching all available records including the old Church of Scotland parish register of Monikie, Angus (Forfar)for the year 1653. Parish records show Andrew Orem(Orme) was christened 16 Feb. 1653, the son of Thomas Orem(Orom) and Isobell Stratone who were married in Monikie parish on 8 June 1652. I have concluded that he is the Andrew Orem first in America referred to above. Christopher Orem recently was tested and found to be a completely different haplogroup,I2a, so there are at least two seperate lines of Orems claiming the same paper genealogy. Stay tuned. One group member has had 67 Y markers tested and found close relationships to various people of Scottish ancestry named McKenzie, Matheson, Robertson, Jamieson, Boyack as well as others. These relationships may have started either before the adoption of surnames(c.1500 AD)or perhaps through undocumented births, neither of which has any record. More DNA tests for "Deep Ancestry" SNPs found haplogroup R-L21, considered to be a Celtic/Pictish group found mainly in Britain, Ireland, and France having originated in a man who lived about 4000 years ago. Finally, James Catlin Orem has had Walk the Y testing and a new SNP L643 found which should be definitive for his line.



Other surnames in Project

Oram, Orem, Orm, Orme, Orom

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