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The Overby/Overbury Surname Project


Overby/Overbay/Overbey DNA Project, est. 20 August 2012. We have many different ways to spell our surname, but all Overb***s are encouraged to join our project. Please help us trace our ancestors and make family connections! Join our project on your FamilyTreeDNA account page or by ordering one of the Project's specially priced kits below. We strive to protect your identity and privacy as we do our own. Once you make your test purchase, your test kit will arrive in the mail with a test kit number. From then on, any published information on the Project webpage will be by that kit number and the name of your earliest known Overby ancestor. Most Overby men will want to consider a yDNA test. This tests a little tiny piece of a little tiny piece of your yDNA. This yDNA is passed from generation to generation, father to son, in a relatively unchanged state for hundreds of years. If your yDNA matches the yDNA of another man in the FamilyTreeDNA database, you known for a scientific certainty that you share a common yDNA ancestor somewhere back in time. With this information, you can then narrow your traditional book research to more specific family lines. You would hope to find that Common DNA Ancestor as proven by your family DNA connections. If you want to order a yDNA kit for the Overby man in your life, we suggest the 37 marker kit. The 12 marker kit is not detailed enough and more that 37 markers is nice, but not necessary. There are mtDNA (mitochondria DNA) tests that test a person's continuous line of mothers: that's your mother, her mother, her mother and her mother, etc. There is also a FamilyFinder DNA test which, as the name suggests, can help you find cousins you didn't know you had. Also please check out AdamsFamilyTree on Rootsweb > and contact me ( to add a new line to this Overby family tree. Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!



Other surnames in Project

Overbaugh, Overbay, Overbee, Overbey, Overbury, Overby

Join the Overby/Overbury surname project

If you want to join the Overby/Overbury project please order your DNA test here.

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