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The Paikin Surname Project


The Paikin Genealogy Project has been moved and can now be found on: - it is the old website that has not been updated for some years. But it is now being updated and reconstructed. It is a work in progress, so the old website will have to do for now. The goal of the Paikin DNA project is to assist the genealogy research and family history studies of those named Paikin (and various spellings), and is worldwide in scope. The Paikin Genealogy Project is 10 years old and now after extensive research several Paikin branches have been found (with about 3,000 names) and which has linked some Paikin-branches and revealed other possible links. Due to the various spellings of name as well as name changes over the years and across borders there are some persons that cannot be identified with certainty and thus cannot be linked to the any of the now known Paikin-branches.The oldest known ancestor was born around 1748 and what is more important is the fact that the Paikin name is found BEFORE surnames were made mandatory in the region where most of the early Paikins are found: Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania. It is therefore to be presumed that ALL Paikins are related.The paper trail has now been exhausted and it is therefore of great importance to try to find the possible links through the DNA trail. We have therefore now started the Paikin DNA project in the hope that descendants from the various branches ? and others that are not yet known! ? will join the Paikin surname project and help shed light on the Paikin Family throughout the ages.We hope to make many discoveries on our various Paikin bloodlines. Feel free to contact us for more information.



Other surnames in Project

Paiken, Paikin, Paikov, Payken, Paykin, Peiken, Peikin, Piken, Pikin

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