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The Palevsky Surname Project


Welcome to the Palevsky DNA project!The Palevsky surname generally comes from the Kobrin region of present-day Belarus, though it has also been found in other areas of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. The goal of this project is to attempt to confirm or refute relationships between the Palevsky families who are from the Kobrin region, as well as between them and the families who are from other regions.The Palevsky name is affiliated with both Rabbi Moshe Poliyer of Kobrin and the Vilna Gaon. Several Palevsky families claim descendancy from one of these famous Rabbis. This DNA project may help confirm if other Palevsky families are related to the Rabbis as well.Some Palevsky family members have used different surnames over the years. See below for a list of known name variations and name changes for the Palevsky family. If your family is Palevsky today or if you have reason to believe that your family's surname was Palevsky in the past, we invite you to join our project.Please visit our Palevsky: A Genealogical Study website and also feel free to contact with any questions about the Palevsky DNA project.Thanks!Elise Friedman(granddaughter of a Palevsky)



Other surnames in Project

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