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The Pearsall Surname Project


The Pearsall surname may have evolved over the years into many surnames, these include:- Pearsall, Parasol, Parcell, Parcelle, Parcells, Parcoll, Parsells, Parsells, Parsels, Parshall, Parsil, Parsill, Parsils, Parsoll, Parsolls, Pascal, Pashley, Passal, Passaley, Passelew, Pearcall, Pearceall, Pearceaull, Pearsel, Pearsell, Pearsol, Pearsoll, Peartil, Peashall, Peirsol, Perceaull, Persall, Persaul, Persee, Persel, Pershall, Persil, Persils, Persoll, Pertil, Perzel, Peschale, Peshale, Peshall, Pesenschale, Pexsall, Piersol, Piercall, Pierceall, Piersall, Porselly, Purcall, Purcel, Purcell, Purkell, Pursel, Pursel, Pursell, Purshale, Pursley, Purslow, Pussal, and Pysse. Other related ancestral surnames include: Corbeil, Lumley, Suggenhull, Swinnerton, and Swynnerton. The Y-STR genealogical DNA test will help piece together the puzzle of surnames and relationships. All of these possibly related surnames (and probably a few others not listed) potentially share a common paternal ancestor from Ålesund, Norway ? Rollo (Gange Hrolf in Norwegian). Rollo was the Duke of Normandy, France between the years 911 and 932 A.D. (born ~854 A.D., died 932 A.D). Rollo was the thirty-third generation of a line of Scandinavian / Viking noblemen from Sweden and Norway. Six generations after Rollo, his descendants resettled to England and shortly thereafter (about seven generations after Rollo in ~1200 A.D.) the Norman family took ownership of the Peshale Manor, now called Pershall near what is today Eccelshall, Staffordshire County, England. The name of the manor thus became the origin of the Pearsall family surname. Twenty-four generations after Rollo in ~1629, Thomas Pearsall resettled to the English colony in Virginia to start tobacco farming. American Pearsalls can be found throughout the United States, though greatest concentrations are predominately in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan and Washington state.



Other surnames in Project

Corbeil, Lumley, Parcells, Parshall, Pearsall, Piersall, Piersol, Purcell, Suggenhull, Swinnerton, Swynnerton

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